Does everyone need a vehicle wrap?

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Local Hudson companies BlackJack Wraps and CoolQuest, Inc.

Two great companies in Hudson, Florida

Today it’s almost mandatory to have your company vehicles wrapped to showcase your business while they’re rolling down the road. It works wonders for a lot of companies and we see plenty of air conditioning, electrical and appliance companies doing it all around the Tampa Bay area (Pasco, Hernando, Pinellas and the list goes on.), it’s a trend that keeps on moving ahead at full steam. The ability to wrap your entire fleet in a uniform and complete look that’s like a new pair of clothes is VERY enticing and also a fantastic way to show off what you have to offer. But for some companies like us (we’re a locally well known air conditioning company that also does electrical & appliance repair, service and installation work.) we’ve had the same look & feel for so long on our fleet that the current branding has been stuck in our customers heads for so long now. They’ve seen the CoolQuest, Inc. vans & trucks a million times over and are so familiar with the branding they currently have (vinyl lettering) that in the end we finally just decided to stick with what people locally here in Tampa Bay know and love. 

Our friends at BlackJack Wraps do some of the best work in their industry and come highly recommended by both us and almost every other company in our service area. We told them that we where thinking about joining the craze and having our fleet of air conditioning service trucks wrapped, they quickly sent us over some concepts of what our trucks would look like wearing some new clothes! We loved the work BlackJack Wraps performs and we also loved the concepts they had sent over, so much so that we couldn’t decide on which one from the bunch to choose from. But in the end we decided against having our trucks wrapped, not because we didn’t want to, but because we decided our customers have seen and know our trucks rolling down these streets for so long the image was burned into their memory and if we where to change that image drastically it probably wouldn’t be in our best interest during the peak of our season to do so.

So like we mentioned above in the end we decided to keep the standard vinyl lettering that our customers have come to love and slowly break into a full vehicle wrap. If you’re thinking about getting your vehicles wrapped for your business it’s definitely a great way to go and the professionals at BlackJack Wraps here in Hudson, Florida are the guys you NEED to go to if you want the job done right, but keep in mind that your customers might not be so ready for a change in look as much as you are. Ask around, see how well known your current look is, or go with a fusion of new and old then gradually begin to transfer everything over into a full custom vehicle wrap.

Here are the concepts BlackJack Wraps sent us for CoolQuest, Inc.:

Air Conditioning Service Van HudsonAir Conditioning Repair Van Port Richey

Air Conditioning Installation Van Spring HillAir Conditioning Service Van Port New Port Richey

Air Conditioning Repair Van Port HolidayAir Conditioning Installation Van Port Weeki Wachee

Have you had your trucks, vans or any other vehicle wrapped?

Leave us a comment and let us know how your experience has gone so far, and if you have them on hand feel free to go ahead and submit a picture along with your comment and we’ll make sure the internet has a chance to see your ride rolling down the digital highway!

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