Three Questions you should ask yourself about your air-conditioner unit.

1)    How do I select the best unit for my house?

If you feel unsure about the type of central heater you will need, CoolQuest can recommend a high-efficiency heating system model that will definitely accommodate your requirements. The right central heating and air-conditioner unit could very well benefit you by reducing your energy bills, and make sure that your household will be more comfortable as well. Phone us and quality, professional customer services associate will assist you to make the best choice for your circumstance.

2) How do I take care of my Air conditioner/heating system?

Be sure to contact CoolQuest to go over your home heating routine maintenance and problem options with one of our own staff members. Excellence is our goal. If a service call is needed, we promise to be there on time, take care of the problem for you, and charge a fee that is both reasonable and straightforward.

3)  What is the best way can I boost the in-house air quality in my home?

CoolQuest can provide several options for safeguarding in house air quality.

CoolQuest offers, an Ultravation – Germicidal UV Air Treatment that will wipe out allergens and germs electronically. We also offer HVAC system cleaning, plus cleaning and sterilizing of the ducts to obtain the final results improved indoor air quality you are looking for.

Natural UV light from the sun keeps airborne microorganisms under control outdoors. UltraMAX improves the air in your entire home by doing the same thing indoors, inside your HVAC system! And UltraMAX also destroys mold and mildew on interior HVAC surfaces for a cleaner running, more efficient HVAC system. Since UltraMAX installs in your HVAC system, it’s always completely out of the way and operates silently!

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