Spring Hill A/C Repair

The state of Florida is known for its hot temperatures year-round. It is only during the winter and spring seasons that Spring Hill residents experience temperatures in the 70s, which allows them to take a much-needed break from the heat.  As the summer nears, checking to see if your air conditioning system is working properly should be your first priority.  Who wants to deal with no A/C in the summer here in Hernando County? You want your air conditioner to work properly as it is constantly running during the hot summer months.

CoolQuest will come to your home and make sure your system is running at the capacity it should. The first thing we will do is to make sure your air conditioning system is clean. During the winter months it is smart to remove any debris that may have fallen on top of the A/C unit, as well as cutting down shrubs and weeds around the unit. Secondly, we will check to see how the unit is running,  making sure it is not making any noises, and see whether or not it effectively cools down your home. If you notice any type problems, contact our experienced technicians to repair the unit. CoolQuest will check the air filter, which should be changed at least once a month. By changing the filter, you will not only make sure the unit is working properly but you will also breathe in clean air, and avoid air-borne illnesses.

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