When should you repair your appliance and when should you replace?

With the economic downturn keeping people in their homes longer and money tighter, it is a choice being considered by more homeowners these days. Should you repair your quality made appliance or replace with a new flimsy Appliance?

If you have a favorite high-end, older appliance, you should repair it.  So many people want the new computerized appliances but did you look at the replacement cost of the parts to repair these appliances?

Most refrigerators last 15 to 19 years, unless the fridge has been a lemon since the day it came into the house, the newer it is, the more consideration should be given to repairing it.

Freezers can last 20 years and should be given the same consideration.

An important consideration with any new appliances is energy-efficiency. However Energy Star-rated appliances produced after 2001 use 40 percent less energy than those manufactured before that date, and that might have a bearing on your decision. But in reality saving $100 a year might not be enough to justify spending the kind of money that you would spend for a new appliance compared to repairing your existing one.

In addition, sometimes a new appliance will change the way the rest of your appliances look so much that you’ll need to change everything, this will increasing the expense beyond what you can afford.

Repair that appliance today!

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