Spring Hill Air Conditioning Repair vs. Maintenance

Giving your air conditioner regular maintenance and tune ups is necessary to extend its useful life, lower your electricity bills and a reduction of greenhouse gasses. Studies of American citizens spend a massive 11 million dollars on home cooling costs. 5% of all electricity is used to power our air conditioners.

An air conditioner not tuned regularly loses 5% efficiency each year. Have your system serviced regularly and do the minor maintenance yourself. You can always check the air filter and clean or replace it if necessary. Also you can check the electrical terminals and the thermostat control for any errors.

A frequently tuned system as many professional repairmen will tell you will run on 95% efficiency. Regular tune-up & maintenance also reduces your costs of having the air conditioner repaired every year you need it in the summer. When not maintained and you let fungi grow on the unit and dust inhabiting the insides, get ready for a big fat repair & servicing bill.

  • CoolQuest A/C repair services offer special discounts before the summer season begins, so you should secure such savings on service and repair. Get a 20-Point Heat & A/C Tune-Up Clean and calibrate the thermostat when necessary
  • Wash condenser coil
  • Check the refrigerant charge level
  • Inspect all visible refrigerant lines for leaks
  • Inspect and monitor the starting capabilities of the system
  • Check volts and amp draw on compressor and motor
  • Monitor the air temperature for proper cooling and heating
  • Inspect all accessible duct work for leaks
  • Lubricate all moving parts
  • Inspect and adjust the blower and blower components
  • Inspect and tighten all electrical connections
  • Inspect all safety controls for defects
  • Service any drain pump that is present
  • Mold Inspection
  • Inspect electrical circuit breakers and fuses for proper size and defects
  • Check for any fire hazards
  • Inspect drain lines for proper drainage and leaks
  • Adjust all drive belts and pulleys
  • Test, secure and tighten all electrical connections and terminals
  • Provide complete written analysis of our findings along with any recommendations that we may have
  • The best way to help avoid an emergency breakdown of an air conditioning system is to have regular maintenance done twice a year. An average air conditioner in Florida runs about 2500 hours a year. Can you imagine operating your car that much and not giving it an oil change? These maintenance checks will ensure that your unit runs at peak efficiency and ensures your manufacturer’s warranty remains in effect.
    (Residential Only)

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