Air Conditioner Maintenance: The Key Parts That Need Your Attention

According to the Air-Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Institute, a cooling system should last 12 to 15 years with routine maintenance. That maintenance is essential, as it will keep your system running effectively and cost-efficiently for its entire life span. Here are two parts of your system that you can maintain yourself:

  • The air filter: The filter traps dirt particles and keeps them from entering the system. If the filter becomes clogged, dirt will get into the system and hinder its operation. A clogged system can’t run efficiently. It will cost you more to run and may break down over time. During peak cooling months, check your filter often and change as needed.
  • Condenser unit: This part of your system is outside your home. Keep an eye on the condenser, and make sure there are no obstructions such as children’s toys near it. Clear away all debris, and make sure no vegetation is growing near your condenser. Spray it down occasionally to remove dirt buildup.

Some aspects of air conditioner maintenance call for an expert technician. Cool Quest has the tools and the skills required to keep your highly sophisticated system in top condition. During a comprehensive inspection and tune-up, your specialist will check for and remedy:

  • Any dirt on the evaporator coils. We will make sure they’re clean.
  • Excess water in the condensate pan.
  • A blocked condensate drain.
  • Low refrigerant levels. We will inspect for leaks and add new refrigerant as needed.
  • Grime on the fan. We will also clean the fan.
  • Loose seams and joints in your ductwork.
  • Mold. If he finds any mold, our technicians will get to the source of the problem and recommend a solution.
  • Corrosion on electrical wires and terminals. The contacts will also be cleaned.

If you would like more information about air conditioner maintenance, contact our experts at Cool Quest AC Service and Repair. We proudly serve the residents of Pasco, Hernando,Pinellas and Hillsborough Counties in Florida. Call us today!

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1 Response to Air Conditioner Maintenance: The Key Parts That Need Your Attention

  1. Gerald Eagy says:

    Dirt, dirt, and more dirt, is the cause of most A/C failures. Unclean filters, coils, blowers wheels, fan blades and duct work are the first items to check. If these have been all cleaned completely and your unit still does not work properly then call the professional who are fully trained, using Hvac tools and testers to diagnose and repair you equipment. Call them after you have cleaned and cleaned and cleaned. CoolQuest is the best at cleaning out your ducts! Thanks for the great post!

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