Air Conditioner RUNNING All The Time?

Florida is very HOT throughout the summer. Ironically, your home could suffer water damage in the summer — because of the air conditioner you use to stay cool. Your A/C removes moisture from the air — moisture from cooking and showering, for example. It condenses the water vapor into liquid, which is drained outside. When something goes wrong, the water can back up in your home, causing damage. Here are some preventive measures you can take to avoid this issue.

Have your air conditioner serviced at least twice a year. Cool Quest HVAC system technician will clean the drain pan and the drainpipe. We use a chemical solution to prevent the growth of algae, which can clog your lines. Your air conditioner will drain properly, and your system will run more efficiently.

Check your air filter frequently, and change it when it gets dirty. A dirty air filter forces your air conditioner to work harder, and the evaporator coil could freeze. When the ice starts to melt, the pan might not be able to drain fast enough, causing water damage.

Make sure that nothing obstructs the drainpipe outdoors, and keep all vegetation away from the compressor. Anything that interferes with airflow, inside or out, could cause the evaporator coil to freeze.

Consider a float switch for the pan in the air handler. This switch turns your air conditioner off when too much water collects. If you’re gone frequently or for long periods, this switch will give you peace of mind.

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