The 7 Best Reasons to Replace HVAC Equipment That is Old

Every day, our customers in Pasco, Hernando, Pinellas and Hillsborough Counties Florida, are faced with numerous challenges related to the operations of their buildings. They need to keep employees and tenants happy, while at the same time trying to deal with reduced capital and/or maintenance budgets. Often, reduced budgets means older HVAC equipment that should be replaced isn’t, and then maintenance programs that at one time were vigorous are now being cut back. Not only is this harmful to the long-term condition of the mechanical equipment in a building, it has a tremendous negative impact to the energy consumption of the equipment, resulting in higher utility bills and wasted energy.

Building owners and property managers need to understand the correlation between old, inefficient equipment and wasted energy (money).

One way for building owners, property managers to save money and energy is to consider upgrading old, inefficient HVAC equipment with new, energy efficient equipment. Here are some reasons this makes a lot of sense:

  1.  Newer, higher efficiency equipment costs less to operate, which makes this a great investment;
  2. Newer equipment saves money and results in less service calls and comfort complaints;
  3. There are rebates and incentives available to reduce the cost of the equipment. We will take care of all the paperwork and make the process pain free for the customer.
  4. Freon and other CFC refrigerants are no longer being produced, making it very expensive to service older units and repair leaks. The standard refrigerant R22 was $10/lb. two years ago and is presently $75/lb. and rising;
  5. Newer high efficiency equipment requires less maintenance
  6. Electric rates continue to rise, especially in the summer. Reducing energy use during peak summer periods in Florida. You can significantly reduce utility costs by at least 15%.
  7. Replacing old, inefficient HVAC equipment is environmentally responsible, resulting in lower utility costs, reduced carbon footprint, improved air quality, and a greener workplace.

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