We Put the Summer Heat on Ice

Florida summers can be steamy, uncomfortable and excessively hot, especially if your air conditioner is not working to its maximum potential. As the summer approaches, finding ways to keep cool is not only smart but safe. Here are the top five ways to stay iced down this season.

1. Clothes 

Choice of clothes can make a giant impact on how cool your body stays. Choosing loose, light colored clothes will ensure you maintain air flow and reflect the sun’s rays. Selecting fabrics such as cotton, silk, or linen allows your body to breathe. Circulating air will cool you and let your body sweat, lowering your body temperature. Also, putting cold water or ice in the top of your hat will reduce your head temperature and in turn cool the rest of your body down.

2. Water

This is the easiest way to keep cool during the summer months. Freeze bottles of water to use as ice packs or take them with you to sporting events or workouts. The ice will melt and give you freezing cold water with which to replenish your body. Also, drinking plenty of water to recuperate lost fluids and maintain hydration levels is essential. If you would rather submerge yourself in water, try taking cool baths and showers, playing in the sprinkler, or taking a dip in the ocean or pool.

3. Foods

A simple way to reduce the heat is to avoid cooking using the oven or stove and choose cooler foods like fresh fruits and vegetables. Ironically, eating spicy foods has actually been shown to cool you off after the meal. Avoiding heavy, large meals will keep you from feeling warmer and weighed down.

4. Household Help

Using both ceiling and stand fans will help create breezes, cross-breezes, and direct cool air. Keep blinds or window coverings closed during the day to block out the solar heat. Make sure to change your sheets to a lighter weight fabric. Just as you wear lighter fabrics in the summer to stay colder, so should your bed!

5. Most importantly, maintaining your air conditioning unit is critical. Regular AC maintenance can save you the heartache of having a day without the relief of icy cool air in the comfort of your home. Should you need AC service, give CoolQuest a call.

CoolQuest knows your air conditioner doesn’t recognize business hours, we are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week!

Hernando (352) 270-3312

Pasco (727) 828-6597

Pinellas & Hillsborough (813) 261-4776



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