Frozen Air Conditioner Unit or Evaporator Coil, What to Do Now!

The very first thing you need to when the coil freezes 
on your air conditioner is shut the unit off! Go to 
your thermostat on the wall and change it from cooling,
to the off position. Do not turn it to warm, or do 
anything else yet; your system froze for a reason and 
you need to figure it out before something else fails 
and causes a higher repair cost.

If changing the thermostat does not completely shut off the system within the next 1-2 minutes, head to your circuit panel and shut the circuit breaker for the system off. You may have a faulty electric contractor on the outside unit, causing it to stay in the position, and run continuously. Now that the system is shut off and no longer running, you can check the following areas  for problems. Dirty Return Air Filter Even if this is the only problem you find, you should still allow time for your coil to thaw out before turning it back on. A blockage of ice is going to limit airflow in your system and can result in other very expensive repair if it causes compressor failure this might make you have to pay for an Evaporator Coil
Replacement and that is extremely expensive.
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