Save money on you Air Conditioning Expense in the HOT summer months!

CoolQuest wants to give you some tips to save money on your utility bill in the HOT summer months at the peak of your Air Conditioning usage.

We all love our central air conditioning, especially in these hot summer months. With temperatures soaring, we all are looking for a cool and comfortable retreat, but what about those of us who want to stay cool on a budget? With the typical costs associated with running our ACs as much as we would like, many of us simply grin and bear the heat until we finally cave in. But why should anyone have to suffer through this heat? Today we’re going to cover some of our favorite tips and tricks for beating the blistering summer heat.

One of our favorites is an oldie, but it’s a goodie, so to speak. We’re talking about fans. Ceiling fans, rotating fans, stationary fans, it doesn’t matter – anything that gets the air moving through the house. Moving air is naturally cooler than stagnant air, and can make a drastic difference in both cooling and budget keeping.

Another great little trick for keeping cool on a budget is to close the blinds or curtains on windows that allow sunlight to shine in. The light heats whatever surface it comes in contact with, which can increase the temperature in your home by a several degrees over the course of the day. It may be a slow process, but it does add up and you can definitely feel the difference.

The wonderful little things about the last two suggestions are that they don’t really require any real intervention of your HVAC systems. While these are good for those looking to cool their homes down a bit without incurring many costs at all, the best way to go about saving you money and staying cool this summer is through keeping up to date with your air conditioning maintenance.

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    Very nice!

    I strongly recommend where you can ask the price and you will get the answers!

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