Does Flooding Hurt the HVAC?

With all the rain across the state of FL, Pasco, Hernando, Pinellas, and 
Hillsborough residents are going to be faced with a new enemy of their home 
HVAC systems, flooding and mold! Our Air Conditioning units are outside and 
exposed to the weather year round, but what about sustained exposure to 
something as devastating as a flooded yard?
Some damages to your home’s hvac system may suffer 
after a flood; your system should be able to handle 
12-16 inches of flood water just fine. Everything else 
is copper, aluminum or steel and is treated to be in 
the weather already. That said the electrical 
components are the problem.
An easy way for you tell how much water your unit is 
going to survive is to look at all the electrical 
connections on the system. The lowest point of an electrical item is the 
first point of failure!
How Much Will the Repairs Cost? Assuming there are no punctured coils on 
the ac unit, the repair can be as simple as replacing the circuit boards 
and any other electrical component that may have failed during the flood. 
Typically, circuit boards are replaced for anywhere between $250-$400 
depending on the availability of the parts. Call CoolQuest for the best 
prices, since some contractors may charge 3-4 times as much as others.
Call CoolQuest Today if your AC Unit was affected by the flood or you think 
you have mold.
Toll-Free: 888-817-2455
Pasco: 727-260-5313
Pinellas: 727-437-0707
Hillsborough: 813-775-4132
Hernando: 352-277-3027


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