Should I replace my washing machine or buy new?

Consider the Cost to Replace or Repair Your Washing Machine, your washing machine is the most used appliance in your home.

Washing machine motors are normally of very good quality as the manufactures don’t want warranty claims, normally they last about 8 years.

You need to ask yourself is it a good quality brand? But if you have to repair them all the time something tells me that it might not be. In that case it may be better to just buy a new one.

Also if the cost of repairs and parts is more than half the coast to replace it, then buying a new one is a valid argument as well. However, you have to consider the aggravation of getting the appliance into your home as well.

Dave our appliance technician will tell you the truth! Just about anything can be fixed however better made name brand appliances are usually the older models and it is probably more likely you would want them fixed. The new units sold today are not of the quality they used to be made from.

Try to move your older model washing machine…. It is not easy correct? Now go to the store and move a new one… You can move it yourself; things are not made as they were in the past.

Call ApplianceQuest today and have Dave tell you what he would recommend.

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