Replace or Repair my clothes dryer?

A customer asked this “I have a Hotpoint dryer, a little over 7 years old. The drum inside is loose and off center, and clothes get caught between the drum and the outside part as they tumble around. Is it better to replace the whole thing or try to get it repaired?”

You should probably get it repaired said Dave

“The life expectancy of the average clothes dryer is about 13 – 14 years depending on whether it is gas or electric. The average dryer is also repaired twice during that time. If the dryer has been causing you lots of problems and you’ve gotten it repaired more than twice already, then you’re probably better off getting a new one because it will probably continue to break down and cost you money each time it needs repair. If this is the first repair it needs, then you’re doing fine and you’d be spending more than you need to by getting a new one.”

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