HVAC Filter

HVAC Filter

HVAC Filter – Upgrading your HVAC air filter is often one of the best, low-cost ways of HVAC Filterimproving the indoor air quality in your San Antonio home. These HVAC filter options provide better control over indoor pollutants, without a reduction in airflow through your , heat pump or air conditioner.

However, before you select a device, it’s best to consult the system’s owner’s manual or an HVAC professional at CoolQuest for optimal results, as any reduction in airflow may prove harmful to your HVAC system, essentially starving it of the air it needs to operate efficiently, and possibly resulting in system failure.

Give these HVAC filter options the attention they deserve when upgrading:

  • Electronic filters – Achieve better indoor air quality with a filter that goes beyond HVAC Filterpassive capturing processes. Standard air filters simply trap pollutants that move through their media surface. Electronic filters, however, use “active” technology, emitting a charge into the airstream that draws pollutants, much like a magnet does, ensuring better filtration that’s often as much as 10 times better than that of standard disposable filters.
  • Extended-life air filters – The performance of any air filter depends on how often homeowners change it. However, if you don’t remember to change the air filter, not only will its ability to capture particles and pollutants decrease, but a full filter puts your system at risk for airflow restriction. Extended life air filters utilize high-tech filtration materials that extend the useful service life of the filter by providing a larger overall surface space in which to capture pollutants. Many of these filters last for a full year.
  • MERV 16 filtration – This device must be installed alongside your HVAC equipment, HVAC Filterso you’ll need a professional to install it. With a Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV) of 16, this top performer ensures that your air is free of pollutants that a standard air filter just can’t trap, capturing particles down to 0.3 microns in size.

Get the facts about HVAC filter options from the best. Contact CoolQuest  today We’ve been serving Hernando, Pinellas, Pasco, and Hillsborough Counties and the surrounding communities, including Tampa, Spring Hill, and New Port Richey since the mid-1990s. We’re always happy to help.

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