Home Comfort Upgrades

Home Comfort Upgrades

Most homeowners are content with their HVAC equipment, knowing that they’ve selected Home Comfort Upgrades the most energy-efficient system possible. But don’t just settle for high system efficiency. These home comfort upgrades greatly improve quality of life, and are worth considering.

  • Zoning systems – Improve home comfort with a zoning system. Comprised of motorized dampers installed in the existing ductwork and controlled by individual thermostats, zoning systems help homeowners put existing HVAC systems to better use. A zoning system lets you group rooms or areas of your home together that have similar heating and cooling loads, allowing your HVAC equipment to run less often while delivering optimal comfort.
  • A/C Enhancers – Need better control over indoor humidity? The A/C Enhancer is arguably the best product available for ensuring humidity control in climates like that of the greater Tampa Florida area. The device can be installed on your existing A/C equipment to boost d-humidification, helping to remove more humidity from the air.
  • Advanced filtration – The options are endless when it comes to improving indoor air quality with advanced filtration. One way to manage indoor air quality involves installing a better air filter in your HVAC equipment. Extended life filters offer increased surface area so that homeowners only have to change the filter annually. It’s also possible to put an electronic filter to work inside your system, which offers greatly improved filtration performance over standard disposable filters. Homeowners looking for optimal indoor air quality turn to what is possibly the best system available on the market: the UVPHOTOMAX Air Purification System. Extending the best of minimum efficiency reporting value (MERV) ratings, this system offers cutting-edge filtration technology with a purifier that’s installed alongside HVAC equipment. A dedicated blower powers the system, so there are no concerns over airflow restrictions, which negatively impact HVAC system performance and health.

Ready to go the extra mile with home comfort upgrades? Don’t settle for less than the highest quality indoor air and comfort. To schedule a free home consultation for any New System or second opinion, contact CoolQuest today. We’ve been serving Hernando, Pinellas, Pasco, and Hillsborough Counties and the surrounding communities, including Tampa, Spring Hill, and New Port Richey since early 2000. We’re always happy to help.

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