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Duct-work Design

Duct-work DesignDuct-work Design – Homeowners in the enviable position of building their duct-work systems from scratch are set to realize more benefits than they may know. Duct-work design is the silent energy-efficiency factor that boosts HVAC system performance and home comfort. Build it right the first time by following best practices and the system will deliver optimal efficiency and home comfort over its lifetime.Even if your air conditioner or heat pump offers high-efficiency performance, if duct-work doesn’t follow optimal design principles, your HVAC equipment will never reach its full potential. The duct work is the critical air-delivery system for heated and conditioned air. And the truth is, in most homes, duct work contributes to significant energy losses, which in turn impact how comfortable a home can be. Leaky, unbalanced, improperly sized duct work is an example of duct work design issues that can cause problems down the line. To ensure full, efficient delivery of heated and conditioned air, be sure that your HVAC contractor follows these duct work design principles:

  • The ducts deliver enough conditioned air to ensure room-by-room comfort, following a heating or cooling load calculation.
  • The ducts are sized to ensure consistent pressure over the air handler, meeting the specifications of the manufacturer.
  • The duct work is thoroughly sealed so that heat loss and heat gain do not occur and pollutants are prohibited from entering the ducts.
  • The duct return and supply portions are precisely balanced to maintain a healthy pressure throughout the home, minimizing pressure imbalances.
  • The ducts are effectively insulated to avoid heat loss and heat gain through conduction.

How do you know if your contractor will utilize duct-work design best practices? Ensure that the contractor uses the Air Conditioning Contractors of America‘s (ACCA) procedure for designing ducts, called “Manual D: Residential Duct Systems.” It’s the leading and best method for proper design of ducts.

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