Heating and Air Conditioning System Tune-ups

Heating and Air Conditioning System Tune-ups:

Heating and Air Conditioning System Tune-ups: What You And Your Technician Should Be Doing.

A professional heating system tune-up goes a long way toward achieving peak home Heating and Air Conditioning System Tune-upscomfort, managing energy consumption, ensuring safe operation and extending the life of your heating system. However, just because you schedule a heating system tune-up every year doesn’t mean you get a pass. Homeowners must also perform several maintenance tasks, designed to boost the results of the professional services.

Here’s what your technician should be doing during a heating system tune-up:

  • Checking the duct-work system for leaks, and sealing them as necessary
  • Testing the airflow through the heating system and the ducts
  • Calibrating the thermostat
  • Cleaning the burners
  • Checking the heat exchanger
  • Verifying the safety of the venting system
  • Checking the gas pressure (for gas-powered furnaces)
  • Testing the unit for correct refrigerant charge, and looking for leaks (for heat pumps)
  • Lubricating moving parts
  • Checking system controls, ensuring that the cooling function is locked out during heating mode
  • Inspecting the motor’s belts and bearings
  • Checking the electrical terminals

With a comprehensive inspection and thorough cleaning of your heating system, you can rest assured that it’s ready to go once cooler weather hits, and that it can perform consistently over the winter season. One final perk? An extension of its life span. Without regular maintenance, the heating system’s components will wear out sooner, ultimately leading to a breakdown or system failure, a factor you can largely avoid with regular tune-ups.

Safety – Peace of Mind –  is the most important benefit to having your system checked by a certified technician. One of the biggest differences between air conditioners and furnaces is what happens when they break. Your air conditioner stops cooling…but a gas furnace can keep on heating even if the heat exchanger is cracked or the flue system is allowing deadly carbon monoxide to enter your home. Call CoolQuest Today we offer a 20 point tune up inspection.

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