Energy Star Air Conditioner

Energy Star Air Conditioner

Energy Star Air Conditioner

Energy Star Air Conditioner (s) are like nearly every other area of life, the Energy Star program is evolving. With technological advancements, it’s now possible to purchase top-performing air conditioners and heat pumps, and the Energy Star Most-Efficient label was developed to set apart the best performers from the rest.

The Energy Star program began with the goal of promoting energy efficiency in residential homes, commercial buildings and more, and limiting greenhouse gases. The program has largely achieved its goal, greatly reducing greenhouse gas emissions through the use of Energy Star-qualified electronics, lighting, heating and cooling equipment and more. But now, Energy Star is setting apart products that meet only the program’s minimum requirements from those that go above and beyond. That’s where the Energy Star Most-Efficient label comes in.

Products that have earned the Most-Efficient status for 2012 must meet requirements set forth by the program. Here’s how the qualifications break down:

  • Central air conditioners have to reach at least a seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) 18 for split systems.
  • Heat pumps must reach at least SEER 18, and have a heating seasonal performance factor (HSPF) of at least 9.6, also for split systems.

A striking contrast to the label’s guidelines is apparent in light of minimum guidelines for achieving the Energy Star-qualified status. For instance, air conditioners begin at SEER 14.5 and heat pumps begin at SEER 14.5/HSPF 8.2.

Another important component of the new label involves certification. In the past, to earn the Energy Star label, manufacturers could test their own products, and send the results to Energy Star for certification. Now, to earn the Most-Efficient label, third-party testing is required, creating more stringent guidelines for qualifying for the label. Energy Star Air Conditioner

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