Indoor Allergens

Indoor Allergens

Indoor Allergens  – It seems like every morning when I wake up I have a stuffy nose or runny, depending on Indoor Allergens the day, accompanied by some sneezing, which typically comes in threes, and at times, if I am lucky, the feeling of an onset cold coming about to ruin my weekend.

What is so upsetting about this process that I would like to call allergies is that it is never ending. I have gone through many different types of allergy medicines, very few actually work for me personally, but yet I still have to battle the symptoms that can potentially make me miserable.   I also notice that my symptoms will change depending on where I am at and what I am exposed to.

The biggest key to controlling allergic outbreaks is to know what you are allergic too. One recommendation is to go to an allergist and get tested to find out what causes these sudden onsets of inconvenient symptoms and ways to prevent them. Educating yourself on ways to minimize allergic reactions can have a huge affect on your life!

Getting your air cleaned by a professional from CoolQuest should resolve most of these common allergen issues.  We service Pasco, Hernando, Pinellas and Hillsborough Fl County residents.


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