Changing the Air Filter In Your Heat Pump

Changing the Air Filter In Your Heat Pump

Changing the Air Filter In Your Heat PumpIf you want the most efficiency and longest life from your heat pump, put changing the air filter at the top of the list for maintenance tasks. The air filter can have a considerable impact on how well the system runs and how long it may last. Dirt is not the friend of any of the components inside the heat pump, and it’s the one thing that you can manage yourself to help ensure the system’s long life.

Changing the Air Filter In Your Heat PumpWhen dirt enters the air handler, it can cover the evaporator coil, which acts like a layer of insulation. It slows the coil’s ability to transfer or exchange heat, its primary responsibility. If too much dirt builds on the coil, it eventually impacts the overall efficiency of the heat pump, increasing operating costs, as well as reducing the system’s capacity for cooling, which ultimately affects how comfortable your home is. Changing the air filter prevents dirt and pollutants from accessing the internal components of the heat pump, including the coil.

A clean filter also helps you breathe better air indoors, because it can capture pollutants and dust before they recycle through the home. To continually trap contaminants, the filter’s surface must be relatively clean, that’s why changing the air filter regularly is a must.

Many homeowners wonder how often is “enough.” CoolQuest experts recommend that homeowners should check the filter monthly, changing it as necessary. If you have pets or a smoker in the home, or someone suffers from respiratory issues, you may need to install a new filter more often.

If you’re changing the air filter soon and want to improve the indoor air quality,
find the manual for your system or contact CoolQuest HVAC contractor, and learn what the maximum Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV)-rated filter for the air handler is.
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