Duct Sealing Benefits You Can Not Afford To Ignore

Duct Sealing Benefits You Can Not Afford To IgnoreDuct Sealing Benefits You Ca not Afford To Ignore

The basic function of ductwork is to transfer air from an air conditioning or heating unit to the rooms in your home. Leaks in the duct system do not allow it to perform as designed and have a negative impact on the comfort level of your home, the environment and your wallet. Duct sealing benefits include eliminating leaks, vastly improving efficiency and more. By sealing ducts, you’ll notice:

  • Decreased energy costs: Leaking ductwork requires your air conditioning unit to      work harder to compensate for cooled air lost through leaks. (The same losses affect heating system efficiency in winter, too.) A harder-working  A/C runs longer, increasing utility costs. Tightly sealed ductwork reduces  A/C run times, saving you money in utility costs, and reduces premature  wear of vital A/C components.
  • Increased comfort: Substantial leaks in duct branch lines reduce the amount of conditioned air that reaches a room, allowing the air to exit the system in the area      surrounding the duct. Sealing directs the full portion of conditioned air where it is needed the individual rooms of your home.
  • Better air quality: Return ducts bring air back to the air conditioner. Sealing ductwork eliminates leaks in the return ducts that allow pollen, pollution and other airborne particles to enter the system, which reduce air quality in  the home.
  • Reduced environmental impact: Lessening the amount of energy your air conditioner consumes reduces the energy produced by power plants, lowering their      impact on the environment. This duct sealing benefit not only helps you; it helps your neighbors and everything else that relies on a clean  environment to survive.

Sealing ductwork correctly requires the correct tools, preparation and expertise. Contact CoolQuest Air Conditioning & Heat today, and we will put our years of experience to work, allowing you to receive these duct sealing benefits and start saving money. We service Pasco, Hernando, Pinellas and Hillsborough Fl County residents.

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Duct Sealing Benefits You Ca not Afford To Ignore

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