Telltale Signs Of Problems In Your Air Ducts

Telltale Signs Of Problems In Your Air Ducts

Air ducts are typically located out of sight in a home’s attic or crawl space. Perhaps the only time that ducts get your attention is when the telltale signs of problems occur such as rattling and clamoring noises, uncomfortable air distribution, and/or higher-than-normal utility bills.

If you suspect that you may have problems with the air ducts in your home, read this guide to help you identify possible trouble areas, and employ the best solutions:

  • Noises like rattling and clamoring often indicate loose duct joints. A thorough inspection is needed to locate this issue. Check all duct seams, including connections      at air-supply registers.
  • Other duct noises may be caused by contact with building structure, or the plenum and trunk connection. An HVAC professional will need to adjust ducts that strike the structure. A joint-expansion collar may be installed at the plenum and trunk connection to relieve stress.
  • Poor comfort or high energy bills may result from improperly insulated ducts. Air ducts that run through unconditioned areas (attic and crawl space) of the home should be      adequately insulated. Ducts in these areas are prone to energy loss through the duct’s thin, metal walls. If any of the ducts in unconditioned spaces require insulation, contact a professional.
  • Uneven airflow from the air-supply registers is another sign of duct problems. Checking for air leaks should solve the problem. Leaky seams should be sealed with mastic sealant. You may wish to mechanically fasten the seams with sheet-metal      screws before using mastic.
  • Inefficient duct systems may use building cavities used as duct runs. If this is the case in your home, talk to a professional at CoolQuest about the benefits or retrofitting      these channels so that they are hard-ducted.

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