What Keeps Your HVAC System in Working Order

What Keeps Your HVAC System in Working Order

When it’s running well, the system that keeps your Florida home toasty warm in winter and cool in summer is easy to take for granted. An efficient, trouble-free HVAC system doesn’t happen by magic, though. It’s the result of professional annual service.

Even a brand new Energy Star-qualified HVAC system requires yearly maintenance to keep it in top form. Neglect that maintenance, and sooner or later you’ll face rising energy bills and frequent system breakdowns. By scheduling an annual service call you’ll avoid those problems and gain a number of other benefits including:

  • Improved energy efficiency — Depending on the type of system you use, problems      like leaky air ducts, a dirty furnace or air conditioner and fan motors in      need of lubrication can cut the efficiency of your heating and cooling system significantly. Keeping your system tuned up helps you cut energy consumption, reducing both your utility bills and your carbon footprint.
  • Greater safety — Even if your heating system seems to be in perfect condition, it may      have operational problems that put you at risk for carbon monoxide exposure and fires. A dirty burner, loose electrical connections, a dirty flue, and clogged fuel lines all can endanger your health and safety.
  • Longer system life span — A routine inspection will catch any minor operational      problems before they cause serious damage. For example, if the blower fan motor is wearing out, it can damage other system components if not replaced.
  • Fewer unexpected costs — Fees for annual service are generally moderate and,      because these service calls improve your system’s efficiency, they usually save you more than they cost. By signing up for an annual service plan,  you can get an even better deal on HVAC care services. On the other hand,  emergency service calls aren’t so cheap and neither are extensive repairs.
  • Warranty maintenance  — Many manufacturers require you to have annual professional maintenance performed on your HVAC equipment in order to keep the warranty valid. If you don’t have the maintenance done and your warranty becomes invalid, you may have to pay out of pocket for repairs, or worse, a whole new system.

Some basic maintenance jobs, such as changing the HVAC air filters, you can easily handle by yourself. Others require a professional. During an annual maintenance call, your technician will:

  • Inspect fuel lines — Any problem with the gas connections creates the risk of carbon  monoxide leaks and possibly fires. This is especially true with a cracked  heat exchanger or dirty burner. These problems don’t always produce obvious signs, though. A technician will check for these and other issues so your system works safely and efficiently.
  • Check electrical components — Loose electrical connections, motor voltage      imbalance and other electrical problems present a fire hazard and can wear  out system components. A technician has the tools and skills to find and      repair these problems.
  • Lubricate moving  parts — Without sufficient lubrication, moving parts like the      blower fan motor produce friction that lowers system efficiency and causes excess wear. Proper lubrication keeps these parts running efficiently and helps them last longer.
  • Examine the condensate line — The condensate drainage line in your air conditioner  or heat pump carries away excess moisture formed inside the unit. A      plugged drain allows this water to build up, potentially causing water damage to your HVAC system and home.
  • Check the thermostat — The technician will test the thermostat to ensure that it’s calibrated correctly and that your temperature settings are optimal for both comfort      and energy savings.
  • Test system operation — Problems at start-up shut-off or during operation suggest something’s wrong with the system. During an annual service inspection, your      technician will ensure that your HVAC system works perfectly from the time it starts up to when it shuts down.

For added convenience and savings, consider signing up for an annual service plan. With a service plan, you have access to discounts on both service and equipment. You’ll also receive priority treatment for scheduling routine and emergency service calls, even during busy times of the year.

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